18.11.2018 – 30.06.2019

Extended until
30 June 2019

Ears are unique. Like a fingerprint, our ear belongs unmistakably to us. We must have looked at our ears a few times already. But who can claim to have ever been inside an ear? We make it possible on a unique tour at the museum.

Ears can do much more than hearing. What we see from the ear, the outer ear, is to a certain extent only the tip of an iceberg, because inside the ear it goes right to the point. There is the middle ear, which so often causes us pain as children, or the inner ear, where the sense of balance sits.

In this eventful family exhibition young and old will be amazed at how an ear is constructed in humans and animals, how vertebrates hear, how they produce sounds or how the ear has developed over time. We explain why diving creates pressure in the ear, what the ear has to do with dizziness or what happens when the smallest bones of the body – hammer, stirrup and anvil – do not work together as they should.

For once the destination of your journey is not far away, but very close, inside the body. On the tour you can try out, guess, create and test. Room-high, walkable models let you immerse deeper and deeper into the organ, which is also described as the 'path to the heart'.

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