Snapshot Photo Contest

Have you taken a touching, impressive or funny nature or animal picture? Send it to us and win a tempting prize from the traditional Basel Fotohaus.

As part of the special exhibition 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' we give amateur photographers the opportunity to show their best nature photography to a broad audience and to actively participate in a project of the museum. We show all submitted pictures in the museum, where they complement the professional photos from the special exhibition.

Our external expert jury selects the ten best entries in each of the three categories. We honor these award-winning pictures in a small exhibition and exclusive prizes await the top three of each category.

The contest is supported by OLYMPUS SCHWEIZ AG.

Contest launch: Mon, 14 October 2019
Submission deadline: Sun, 2 February 2020
Award ceremony: Wed, 11 March 2020

Image Upload
The link to upload the photos can be found here from 14 October 2019.


Category 1 (K1)
Children see nature (for 5-12 year olds)

Children have a special eye for nature, animals, plants and landscapes. All conceivable motifs from nature are welcome. Zoo and farm animals are allowed in this category. Excluded are pets and mounted animals.

Category 2 (K2)
Animal portraits / Animals in their habitat / Animal behaviour 
Farm animals are allowed. Excluded are pets, mounted animals and zoo animals.

Category 3 (K3)
Plants, landscapes and other natural phenomena


All images that comply with the guidelines will be displayed in digital form in the museum. The ten best pictures from each category are displayed as an enlargement (A3, depending on the recording format).

From each category, the jury will choose one main winner and two further winners.


The terms of participation can be found here from October 2019.


Melody Gygax

Natacha Salamin

Romano Zerbini
Curator and Director Photobastei Zurich