Habilitation  in Zoology at the University of Basel, Department of
Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. in Zoology at the University of Bern, Department of Evolutionary Ecology

Lizentiat (MSc.) Zoology at the University of Bern

Further Education

2016 2018
Teaching Diploma for Grammar Schools and Vocational Schools


Since 2019
Curator Exhibitions, Natural History Museum Basel

2018 2019
Curator Special Exhibitions, Natural History Museum of Fribourg

2008 2015
Assistant Professor SNF, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel

2005 2008
Junior Group Leader, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel

2002 2005
Postdoc (SNF fellowship), Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA

2001 2002
Consultant Data Mining, dmplus Direktmarketing AG

1999 2001
Assistant,  Department of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Bern


Special Exhibition 'EARTH AT ITS LIMITS', Natural History Museum Basel, Curator and Co-Project Leader

Special Exhibition 'LAIT – Elixir maternel / MILCH – Mütterliches Elixier', Natural History Museum of Fribourg, Curator; Prix Expo 2019

Contributions to the Special Exhibition 'Adam, Eva and Darwin', Museum.BL, Liestal


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