1981 – 1989
Biology, University of Basel Thesis on: 'Flight activities in Heteroptera over intensive crops in relation to distance from near-natural biotopes' Highest grade

High School Graduation, Bäumlihof secondary school, Basel

Further Education

1993 – 1994
Post-graduate diploma in museology

Various course in Information Technology

Various courses in the area of disabled persons


Since 1991
Scientific Collaborator, Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum Basel

Scientific Collaborator at the Commonwealth Institute for Biological Control, Delémont (CIBC, now CAB Bioscience Switzerland)


Stöckli, E. und Duelli, P. (1989) Habitatbindung und Ausbreitung von flugfähigen Wanzenarten in naturnahen Biotopen und Kulturlandflächen. Mitt. deutsch. Ges. allg. angew. Entomol. 7: 221-224

Hänggi, A., Stöckli, E. & Nentwig, W. (1995): Lebensräume mitteleuropäischer Spinnen. Miscellanea Faunistica Helvetiae 4, Centre suisse de cartographie de la faune (CSCF), 460 S.

Stöckli, E. (2003): Hundertfüsser (Myriapoda: Chilopoda) im Naturschutzgebiet Wildenstein. Mitteilungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft beider Basel 7: 253-256.

Stöckli, E. (2008): Vielfalt zwischen den Gehegen: wildlebende Tiere und Pflanzen im Zoo Basel: Hundertfüsser. – Monographien der Entomologischen Gesellschaft Basel 3: 238-244

Stöckli, E. (2009): Literature-based survey on the Swiss fauna of Chilopoda. – Soil Organisms Volume 81 (3): 647-670

Amarasinghe, A. A. T., U.Manthey, E. Stöckli, I. Ineich, S. O. Kullander, F. Tiedemann, C. McCarthy and D. E. Gabadage (2009): The original descriptions and figures of Sri Lankan agamid lizards (Squamata: Agamidae) of the 18th and 19th centuries. Taprobanica, ISSN 1800-427X. Vol. 01, No. 01: pp. 2-15, 4 pls.

Projects and Museum Activities

Responsibility for lifesciences' department database (BioOffice)
Responsibility for zoological collection, invertebrates (scientific issues, research in the literature etc.). Classification catalogue of zoological collections.

Scientific activity
Scientific processing of centipedes (Chilopoda)

Various levels of exhibition work (concept, scientific assistance, cooperation, organisation and realisation). Exhibition tours for all visitor groups and on various topics.

Contact person at the Natural History Museum Basel for disabled persons organisations (tours, information, etc.)
Special events for disabled persons.

Exhibitions to date:

Diversity of apple types in Region Basel (Co-project lead with A.Hänggi, in collaboration with Pro Specie Rara).

'Blick ins Innere' (Inside view) (X-rays of snails and other animals (Scientific collaboration and realisation with A.Hänggi; in collaboration with H.J. Fischer, Radiologist).

The diaries of Bruno Manser (Project lead, design, realisation; in collaboration with the Bruno Manser Foundation.

Permanent exhibition 'Invertebrates', collaboration and realisation.

Conserving Animals (Collaboration on concept and realisation with photographic artists Daniel and Geo Fuchs on collection objects preserved in alcohol. Complementary section with questions on the meaning and purpose of scientific collections).

Apples – rare and disappearing apple varieties (project lead, design, realisation, tours; in collaboration with Pro Specie Rara and the Edelchrüsler Association).

Seeking and discovering species (Exhibition marking GEO-diversity of species day 2000 at Alp Flix with own contributions to Basel Diversity of species day 2001). Scientific collaboration

Sea-silk – bisso marino Scientific collaboration

Energy from the deep – exhibition accompanying the geothermal energy project 'Deep heat mining' in Basel. Scientific collaboration

'Diversity of Life – naturally linked' (project lead, design, realisation, tours)

2007 – 2010
New permanent exhibition 'Quagga & Dodo' (scientific collaboration and concept).

2010 – ongoing
'Please touch'- stations for disabled people (project lead, concepts, realisation)

2014 – ongoing
New permanent exhibition 'Workshop Nature' (scientific collaboration and concept)

1991 – ongoing
Tours in the museum and behind the scenes in connection with permanent and various temporary exhibitions for all visitor groups

Research interests
Centipedes (Chilopoda): Classification and faunistics, museum collections, species determination, check list of chilopods in Switzerland
Member of International Society of Myriapodology (CIM).

Mottos of daily life in a museum:
'People change, societies change, and the organisations that serve those societies must change also.' (Paisley S. Cato & Clyde Jones)

'Everything moves continuously. Immobility does not exist.' (Jean Tinguely)