1990 – 1995
Dissertation in the laboratory for vertebrate biology of the Department of Zoology at the University of Basel: 'On the biology and anatomy of the head of the Red Sea longnose filefish Oxymonacanthus halli (Marshall, 1952)'

High School Graduation Type C at the Basel Secondary School for Maths and Natural Sciences


Since 1998
Collections Administrator in the Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum Basel (zoology – non-insects)

1996 – 2001
Teacher of biology and chemistry (Orientierungsschule Basel, Bildungszentrum Basel (BZB)

1994 – 1997
Temporary work at the Natural History Museum Basel


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Projects and Museum Activities

Co-project lead for the exhibition 'Sharks – hunted hunters' (an exhibition of the Swiss Shark Foundation), January – April 2003.

Member of the exhibition project team 'Deep Sea', 2007

Project lead, small display 'Salmon in Basel' September 2008 – April 2009