Identification service

The staff of the Natural History Museum love to share their knowledge, identify minerals, fossils or birds, provide information about the lives of bats or offer advice on how to get pests out of the kitchen.
Enquiries from companies attract a fee.
Gemstones cannot be determined.

You are also able to bring your discoveries to the museum on selected Sundays and have them identified by experts of the Natural History Museum Basel.

The 2020 Identification Days are taking place on the following Sundays between  3 5 p.m.: 

4 October 2020

We determine your treasures free of charge and are happy to answer your questions. What cannot be determined on the spot or needs special examination, can be left with us and we will get back in touch with you at a later date.

Palaeontology (Invertebrates & Plants)

Walter Etter

Curator Palaeontology

Phone +41 61 266 55 63



Ambros Hänggi

Curator Life Sciences

Phone +41 61 266 55 11


Bones & Teeth (Vertebrates)

Loïc Costeur

Head of Earth Sciences / Curator Vertebrate Palaeontology

Phone +41 61 266 55 87


Other Groups


Amphibians, Reptiles