Working at the museum

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As well as having a staff budget for around 50 permanent employees, of whom around 35 are full-time, the Natural History Museum Basel also employs temporary staff in a variety of areas: Scientists in the various specialist fields of life and earth sciences, in the taxidermy department, the museum's educational department, accounting, the library and supervisory posts, at the cash desk and in the museum shop, for housekeeping and technical service, the joinery department, our public relations department, our IT department or our secretarial offices.

It is also possible to complete scientific internships with us (at least 6 months) or to carry out civilian service at the museum.


People carrying out civilian service with the appropriate qualifications are able to carry out their civilian service in the Natural History Museum Basel's Earth Sciences and Life Sciences departments. The requirements for this are at least four semesters of study in earth sciences or biology and an interest in museum work.