2014 – 2019
Bachelor und Master of Science in Biologie, Zoologie, Universität Basel: 'Comparative scale morphology in the Lake Tanganyika cichlid species flock'

2010 – 2013
Primary School Teacher Diploma, Pädagogische Hochschule Luzern


Since 2020
PhD at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the University of Bern/Natural History Museum Basel: 'Assessing the impact of the K-Pg mass extinction event on Darwin Wasps'

Staff member of the Lapwing Promotion Project in the Wauwil Plain, Vogelwarte Sempach

2019 – 2020
Scientific Collaborator Eawag, Luzern

2013 – 2014
Deputy class teacher in Bad Zurzach, Aargau and Hochdorf, Luzern


Diversity, phylogeny and evolution of darwin wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Calibrating trees using fossils. Co-evolution and its impact on diversification.

In collaboration with the universities of Basel and Bern, we offer master projects on these topics.