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02. Aug 2022

A new prehistoric bird in the museum

The Natural History Museum in Basel has a new addition to exhibit. Preparator Tandra Fairbanks-Freund has brought to life an Archaeopteryx, probably the most famous prehistoric bird. The color and plumage are based on current scientific knowledge of the animal. The primitive bird lived 150 million years ago. The magnificent new model can now be admired in the permanent exhibition "Dino & Saurian".

16. Jun 2022

A large predator from the Pyrenees - Fossilized lower jaw points to a new species

A fossilized lower jaw has led an international team of palaeontologists, headed by Bastien Mennecart from the Natural History Museum Basel, to discover a new species of predator that once lived in Europe. These large predators belong to a group of carnivores colloquially known as “bear dogs”. They could weigh around 320 kilograms, appeared 36 million years ago before becoming extinct around 7.5 million years ago.

02. Jun 2022

Early Giraffe with powerful blow

A team of researchers from Beijing has studied a 17 million years old giraffe from northwestern China in collaboration with paleontologists Loïc Costeur and Bastien Mennecart from the Natural History Museum of Basel. They discovered that no other known animal on earth was better adapted to head-butting behaviors involved in reproduction. This discovery allows them to hypothesize that the long neck of the living giraffe probably evolved as a sexual character involved in reproduction to allow for male-male combats rather than merely for feeding higher in trees.

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