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07. Dec 2022

Hidden Organ holds the Key to Evolution

An international team of research scientists led by palaeontologists Bastien Mennecart and Loïc Costeur from the Natural History Museum Basel reveal how ruminants have developed over 35 million years to reach their current level of biodiversity. Examinations of the inner ear of around 200 living and extinct species provide impressive evidence of when and at what rate families of ruminants moved away from their shared roots and began to develop independently. Climate and migration patterns led to the mammals’ current diversity.

07. Nov 2022

Powerful photography - The world’s best nature photography in Basel

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is the largest and most important competition of its kind. Every year, photographers from all over the world compete for the coveted title. In its 58th edition, the 100 best images will once again travel around the globe in an exhibition; in Switzerland, they will be on display exclusively at the Natural History Museum in Basel. The two Swiss photographers Roman Willi and Levi Fitze are also part of it.

02. Nov 2022

Work and gender - New insights into the everyday life of early industrial women workers

The hand skeletons of female workers from early industrial Basel reflect the diverse and unstable conditions of their daily lives and shed new light on one of the most formative eras of contemporary society. The results from a new study led by paleoanthropologist Alexandros Karakostis of the University of Tübingen and anthropologist Gerhard Hotz of the Natural History Museum Basel have now been published in the prestigious American Journal of Biological Anthropology. The skeletons studied come from the Basel hospital cemetery.

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