Media releases

15. Apr 2019

Museum extends the eventful tour ‚Into the Ear‘

The trip through the ear which can be undertaken at the Natural History Museum Basel will be extended until Sunday, the 30th of June. This prolongation is a result of the exhibition’s huge success. To this day it has been visited by 45‘000 people and more than 650 school classes have found their way into the museum by the end of March.

25. Mar 2019

Museum is gaining global importance

The collections of the Natural History Museum Basel hold significantly more insects, minerals, vertebrates, fossils and amphibians than previously assumed. The latest estimate of 11.8 million far exceeds the previous assumption of around 8 million. The new figure primarily results from intensive and systematic collection work carried out over the last few years. Thanks to this work it is now possible to obtain more accurate estimates of the number of collection items than in the past. The revised size of the collections now places the Natural History Museum Basel among the 50 largest of the world’s 7,000 natural history collections.

16. Nov 2018

Exhibition as an Eventful Tour

The Natural History Museum Basel opens a family exhibition on the theme of the Ear

Playfully learning and trying out, being emotionally touched and sensing your own body: Along these guidelines, the concept of the special exhibition INTO THE EAR was developed. For the first time, the museum has set itself the task of creating a family exhibition which captivates visitors with its extraordinary models and numerous interactive stations all in a sensual atmosphere. A rich and varied programme accompanying the exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in the topic, the Ear. In keeping with the target audience, the exhibition will open with a short play at 11 am on Sunday, 18 November.