BOOK SCORPIONS Pseudoscorpiones

The book scorpion specimens at the Natural History Museum Basel come mostly from the B├╝ttiker Collection and from museum expeditions to Bhutan, Nepal, India and Pakistan. They are joined by regional and Central European specimens, which were mainly collected by Ehrenfried Schenkel on his many field trips.

The type catalogue mostly contains species from the Arabian peninsula, which had been collected by Willi Büttiker and studied by Volker Mahnert. Max Beier examined the samples from the Himalayas.

The collection includes a total of 71 samples of 32 taxa. The type designations taken from the original catalogue are from the original publication. Historic type designations are often impossible to transfer directly to the type designations used today (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, 4th ed., 1999).

Type catalog