The water mite collection is based on many years of work by Carl Bader. His own collection is flanked by the following: Schweizer, Schwoerbel, Sepasgozaian, Walter, parts of the Daday collection and extensive material from Iran by Carl Bader.

The system used for the collection is based on the taxonomy standard established by Kurt Viets in 1987. For numerous taxa – especially the type material – a more up-to-date status is applied. Personal information on the latest taxonomic status was also taken into account from Tom Goldschmitt (Torrenticolidae) and Reinhard Gerecke (in litt.).

1,045 slides were identified in the collection as type bearing slides material. In some cases, objects were already labelled as types, whereas others were identified as possible type material during their examination. The samples were provisionally attributed to 401 different species. Much of the material still requires more detailed verification, however.

The type catalogue was compiled at the end of 2004 by Arne Panesar and Michael Pfeiffer.

Type catalog