21.10.2011 – 2.9.2012

Work to the Bone When skeletons speak

Anyone studying the bones of a human skeleton will find numerous indications of the person's living conditions. What did they eat? Did they have a toothache? Did they have to work hard?

Human skeletons are extremely valuable as sources of past events and environments. They reveal a lot about a person, their everyday life and their way of life. The special exhibition 'Work to the bone. When skeletons speak' made these meaningful sources speak.

The special exhibition showed that research on bones does not have to be bone dry. Research methods used in modern science were demonstrated on original human skeletons.

Starting from human skeletons, the history of a person and that of the society in which he lived can be reconstructed step by step. The visitors were able to slip into the role of a researcher and get to know the way they work. In detailed detective work, astonishing insights and facts about earlier environments were uncovered.