19.10.2007 – 13.4.2008

Deep Sea

Despite darkness, icy cold and enormous pressure, the deep sea is full of bizarre creatures. The special exhibition 'Deep Sea' provided unique insights into this mysterious world, which is at the same time both the largest and the worst explored habitat on our planet: Shining fish with enormous teeth and eyes, transparent squid and huge, carnivorous jellyfish were encountered by visitors to the exhibition, as were the deep-sea giant sperm whale and giant squid.

A highlight of the exhibition was the virtual diving trip in an eleven-metre-long submarine. The exhibition showed exciting facts about the myths of sea monsters from past times to modern deep-sea research.

DEEP SEA went on tour as a travelling exhibition. The stops of its 'tour':

Frankfurt am Main
Senckenberg Museum, 195‘629 visitors

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, 153 000 visitors

Natural History Museum London, 100'321 visitors

Japanischen Palais, 85‘636 visitors