24.10.2014 – 26.4.2015

Parasites Live Undercover

The exhibition shed light on the life cycles, transmission pathways and reproductive strategies of parasites and illustrated their astonishing ability to turn their hosts into slaves of their own interests without will.

The exhibition showed where everyone can come into contact with parasites. Whether in the fur of our pets, on travels to the tropics or in uncooked food: Parasites lurk everywhere. But do they always make you sick or can we use their medical skills for our own good? Do globalization and climate change influence the spread of parasites? Anyone who embarked on the journey into its mysterious microcosm discovered a fascinating world.

Outstanding models, lifelike animal specimens and impressive images lured to a safe approach to the parasites.

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Swiss TPH, exclusively enriched the exhibition in Basel with its contents. The reason for the cooperation between the Natural History Museum Basel and the Swiss TPH was the 70th anniversary of the institute. Rudolf Geigy founded it in 1944 as the Swiss Tropical Institute.

The special exhibition was created by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Main sponsor of the exhibition in Berlin was BAYER Health Care – Animal Health.